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Виртуальные сервера для любых задач

VPS/VDS on Windows

Vpsville offers a dedicated Windows virtual server with the ability to install Microsoft Windows 2008R2 / 2012.
This is an excellent solution for placing sites based on .NET and MSSQL, trading on stock exchanges, including Forex, hosting 1C, organizing remote workstations and software based on Windows.
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10Gbps for everybody
We are the first in Russia to provide affordable VPS servers with 10Gbps port per server. Each virtual server is included by a fiber-optic cable in the 10 Gbps port switcher, from which your content will reach the recipients via channels with total capacity of 40 Gbps
More than just NVMe SSD
In addition to using a clean server NVMe SSD, the drives are combined into a network cluster file system with an inordinate read rate
At your service We use Cisco, HP and Supermicro equipment located in a Tier III data center in Moscow. We guarantee availability, high performance and stability of VDS/VPS Windows server
Why should you choose Vpsville
We offer Windows VDS/VPS hosting on NVMe SSD drives combined in RAID. Thanks to this, the download speed of files is significantly increased: our virtual servers are several times faster than many physical counterparts on the market today
A dedicated Windows server with automated installation is available for you. The whole process is online under your control and takes only 10 minutes. Also, if necessary, you can quickly change the configuration of the server
You can order cheap Windows VDS/VPS from us. We support competitive rates below the market average and offer moneyback. By cooperating with us, you will get all the necessary resources at the best prices
Vpsville is a certified partner of Microsoft Corporation. From us you can rent VDS/VPS Windows with installation of licensed operating system Microsoft Windows 2008R2 / 2012. The cost of the service - 200 ruble/month