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Виртуальные сервера для любых задач

VDS/VPS on Ubuntu Linux

Vpsville offers Linux VPS hosting on the KVM visualization platform. We use reliable hardware: Cisco, HP and Supermicro hardware located in a Tier III data center. We offer license distributions for installation at VPS\VDS Ubuntu, Debian 5 and 6, Bitrix, CentOs. Our customers can install and configure the operating system in automatic mode: this allows you to prepare the server to work quickly, easily and without the intervention of technical support.
Our tariffs Most popular tariffs
10Gbps for everybody
We are the first in Russia to provide affordable VPS servers with 10Gbps port per server. Each virtual server is included by a fiber-optic cable in the 10 Gbps port switcher, from which your content will reach the recipients via channels with total capacity of 40 Gbps
More than just NVMe SSD
In addition to using a clean server NVMe SSD, the drives are combined into a network cluster file system with an inordinate read rate
At your service
Benefits of Vpsville The infrastructure is built on KVM visualization technology. This product provides virtualization in Linux environment and allows each virtual machine to use its own hardware. This software solution is beneficial for every customer who wants to buy VDS Ubuntu, Debian, Bitrix, CentOs at an affordable price and get all the resources necessary for the project.
Flexible tariff plans
Flexible tariff plans We support both small and very large internet projects. We offer different amount of resources
Affordable prices
Affordable prices Our rates are lower than the market average, but we do not save on the quality of equipment used and guarantee its high performance. This is a good choice for customers who want to maintain a successful business at no extra cost
Professional technical support
Professional technical support We are ready to answer your questions about Linux servers and the hardware you use, choose a tariff plan for your individual requirements, help you solve the problems. If you do not have an in-house IT specialist, we will help you with OS selection, installation and administration of VDS Ubuntu, Debian, Bitrix, CentOs, etc.
High loading speed
High loading speed Your sites, mailboxes, databases will be stored on NVMe SSDs. Using such equipment can reduce the download speed by several times
Stable access
Stable access We guarantee high speed internet channel in all directions both in Russia and abroad
Automated installation
Automated installation You do not need to contact technical support to install the operating system. You can install and configure it automatically or manually using the distributions provided by us or your own