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Купить прокси ipv6

IPv6 networks
IPv6/64 network 0₽
IPv6/48 network 999₽
IPv6/36 network for instagram (installation 2 999 rubles) 1 999₽
IPv6/32 network for instagram (installation 9 990 rubles) 5 000₽
Used IPv6/36 network (installation 1 500 rub) 1 000₽
Used IPv6/32 network (installation 5 000 rub) 2 000₽
Proxy setup
Basic IPv6 proxy setup* 0₽
Secondary IPv6 proxy setup 1 500₽
*Setup of IPv6 proxy based on ndppd+3proxy with proxy quantity set by customer
IPV6 network
Our virtual servers enabled to support IPv6 addresses. You may order network using our control panel. /64 subnet is free. For more information about configuring IPv6 networks you can read our blog
Как подключить IPv6
1 Select desired server
2 Go to tab "NETWORK"
3 Select "IPv6 network" and desired subnet.
4 Briefly describe the purposes for which you order the subnet and click Order
Questions and answers
Q: How quickly will my server work after filling out the order form? A: It takes 5 to 20 minutes to create a new server
Q: How do I connect an IPv6 network to my server? A: You can order IPv6 network for the server in the admin panel on the "Network" tab, after providing the network it will appear in the panel. To connect a network to a server in the Server console, run the commands:
/sbin/ip -6 addr add 2a08:14c0:100:200::2/64 dev eth0
/sbin/ip -6 route add default via 2a08:14c0:100:200::1
/sbin/ip -6 route add local 2a08:14c0:100:200::/64 dev lo
Q: What tariff is required for an IPv6 network? A: Any tariff and any OS will work for the network, but we recommend installing the network on a server with Debian 8