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Buy ipv4 proxy

IPv4 network
Additional IP (no more than two per server) 99₽
IPv4/29 network 400₽
IPv4/28 network 800₽
IPv4/27 network 1600₽
IPv4/26 network 3200₽
IPv4/25 network 6400₽
IPv4/24 network* 9000₽
IPv4/23 network* 18 000₽
IPv4/22 network* 36 000₽
Preparation of registration documents for LIR / 22 30 000₽
*For individuals: the price when paying for 3 months or more.
For legal entities: monthly payment is possible with an agreement for 3 months.
LIR registration
LIR is a member of a RIR, such as RIPE NCC. LIR is responsible for distributing and registering Internet numbering resources at the local level. LIR is usually awarded to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunications companies, large enterprises and academic institutions. LIR receives address blocks from the RIPE NCC and assigns IP addresses to its customers. According to the current RIPE NCC policy, a new LIR may receive no more than /22 (1024) IPv4 addresses, block /32 IPv6 addresses, and Autonomous System.
How to enable IPv4
1 Select desired server
2 Go to tab "NETWORK"
3 Select "IPv4 network" and desired subnet.
4 Briefly describe the purposes for which you order the subnet and click Order
What are the ipv4 networks
Questions and answers
Q: How do I add an additional IPv4 address? A: You can order additional IPv4 address in admin panels on the "Network" tab. Once the additional address is provided, it must be added to the network interface. Instructions for linux servers
Q: How do I order an IPv4 network? A: You can order additional IPv4 network in admin panels on the "Network" tab
Q: Is it possible to return the funds if the services are no longer needed? A: Yes, to do this you need to contact technical support and leave requesits for withdrawal, the funds will be returned within a few days
Q: Are there any hidden payments? A: No. Daily billings. If you purchase Windows OS, the license is distributed separately. You can read more information about licensing at the following address
Q: I stopped the server, and the money keeps spending A: If you are not using the server and do not want to be charged, you need to apply for technical support to freeze the server or remove the server from the control panel
Q: How do I activate the promo code? A: The promotional code is activated on the top-up page in the "Bonus code" tab