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Виртуальные сервера для любых задач

Administration of servers - our tariffs

Services SLA "Simple" SLA "Expanded" IT-service
Jobs list SLA "Simple" SLA "Simple" and SLA "Extended" SLA "Simple", SLA "Expanded" and IT-service
Price, r./mo. (1 virtual server) Free of charge 3500 Calculated individually
The number of service hours over the work list SLA "Simple" (1 server, 1 month) Нет 5 hours Calculated individually, 1500 rub./hour
Personal consultant for technical issues Нет Да
VIP-technical support via a dedicated phone number Нет Да
Response time (max) 4 hours 1 hour
Availability of cloud infrastructure 99,5% 99,95%
Services monitoring Нет There, the customer receives a message in case of exceeding the threshold value or service unavailability Notification and rapid troubleshooting
Administration in accordance with standard jobs list By SLA "Simple" By the customers' request, a maximum of 5 hours to 1 server per month No limits; prevent possible malfunctions
Audit customer's virtual infrastructure with the provision of the report Нет Нет Held quarterly
Fixing data on the virtual services and Vpsville employees operations. Additional reports Нет Нет Reports provided on monthly basis
Consult customers 2 contacts maximum without limitations
Project transfer Да Да Да
SLA "Simple"
SLA "Expanded"