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Questions and answers
Q: Server administration by technical support specialists A: Administration of client servers by technical support specialists is divided into basic (provided free of charge) and extended (paid with hourly rates).
—Basic server administration provided to all new customers and includes:
—Installation and configuration web server nginx, apache, iis
—Installation required php version
—Installation and configuration database servers MySQL, postgresql, MS SQL
—Installation and configuration a proxy server openvpn, pptp
—Installation and configuration the web hosting control panel IspManager, VestaCP, Webmin
—Licensing Windows Terminal Server, Microsoft Office and other software of Microsoft.
—Consulting on the connection and operation with the server by providing links to relevant instructions.
In all other cases, it provides advanced administration rights by request for technical support with the provision of technical specifications.
Q: Help in moving sites by technical support specialists A: Our specialists are ready to set up a server and move your projects on a free basis
Q: Connecting a user disk image to the server A: Our experts can connect the ISO disk image to your server. To do this you need to make a support request in which to provide a direct link to the iso image file