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Q: Is it possible to configure reverse DNS records (PTR)? A: Yes, the ability to specify PTR records is available upon request to the support team after confirming the rights to manage the domain name for which the record must be created
Q: How do I bind a domain to a server? A: To do this, you should create a domain in the "DNS Management" tab and select one of the servers you have created by clicking the "Bind to server" button. A and MX records as well as NS records will be automatically created. You can edit records for a domain by pressing the "Manage zone" button
Q: Your DNS servers? A: In order for your domains to be served by our DNS servers, in the Domain Registrar panel you need to specify our DNS servers: and
Q: How to add a subdomain? A: To add a subdomain, you need to add a new A record by opening the Domain Zone Management window (the "Zone Management" button).
In the "Add a new record" section you should specify: Domain - test, Type - A, Value - ip server.
After adding the A record on the web server, the corresponding virtualhost for the subdomain should be added