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Questions and answers
Q: How to make a server backup? A: Backup of the server can be done in "Server-Backup Management" section. In this section you can create a single backup, set up a backup scheduler, restore the server from the backup and remove unnecessary backups
Q: How are server backups charged? A: The billing unit is 1GB of server disk space, regardless of the total size of files on your server. For example, if the server drive size is 50 GB, then it will be charged at 50 GB
Q: Server backup creation and recovery time A: Creating server backup is done by the system after starting in the background (you don't have to follow the process of creating server backup in admin panels) and the server doesn't stop or overload. Restore system from backup is accompanied by server shutdown for 30 minutes to 3 hours (depending on the size of backup and storage load). After the recovery is complete, the server will automatically start
Q: Do I need a server backup? A: This service is provided as an additional option. You, as a server administrator, have the right to decide whether you need it or not. However, we strongly recommend to make a backup (at least one) if you have important information on the server or if you have complicated server setup by third parties. You can read more about how backups work and what they are used for in our blog