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Виртуальные сервера для любых задач

Technologies NVMe SSD arrays in mirror.
High Performance Intel 2.8-3.6 GHz Processors
Virtualization Based on KVM and Hyper-V is designed for heavy loads!
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VPSville provides VPS \ VDS services and Cloud hosting since 2010. The main principle of our company - a willingness to engage in dialogue with the customer and to meet all its needs. This approach allows us not only to achieve the best results in the implementation of projects, but also to provide each customer maximum comfort when working with us
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VPSville offers dedicated servers for rent in Moscow, in the data center Tier-3 level.
This means:
Our company uses equipment from leading manufacturers - Cisco, HP and SuperMicro.
What allows us:
Our services Rent a dedicated virtual server in Moscow
VPS/VDS Hosting VPS/VDS Hosting The client is provided with a dedicated virtual server that is completely similar to the physical one in terms of OS management. VPS\VDS hosting provides full access to system files, individual IP addresses, filters, routing tables and ports
Cloud hosting Cloud hosting Using of cloud technologies allows to provide maximum availability of business-critical applications and IT-services and reduce risks in the implementation of information systems
ANTIDDOS ANTIDDOS The basis of the ANTIDDOS system is multifactor analysis of traffic that enters the server, detecting non-standard network activity and blocking attacks. To protect client sites, we use a high-bandwidth Internet channel with a network of filters
We provide rent IPv6 network The development of technologies does not stand still, and in 2013 the number of standard IPv4 networks felt a strong disadvantage.
VPSville has official LIR status, and now any customer can rent IPv6 in our virtual server control panel. The first network /64 is available for just 0$.
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